Soul Link Contributions

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Soul Link™ operates as a nonprofit organization, and each subscription cost contributes directly to the mission of healing the world.

Unlock our entire library of sound healing musical compilations, immersive earth visuals, and focus-enhancing frequency waves to build an experience beyond meditation.

Access free daily meditations and inspiration made to elevate your everyday.

Save your favorite meditations to get the Soul Link experience from anywhere.

Soul Link Special Projects

When you donate to the Supernal World Creations non-profit, you become part of the solution to help eliminate the root of the world’s problems: the inability to cope with high-stress levels that cause illness, mental health disorders, and disconnection. Your donation funds lifesaving research, advocates for proactive solutions, and continues to create innovative transcendental tools accessible to all.

Imagine a world where stress and anxiety are replaced with inner peace and resilience. A world where anyone, anywhere, can access a sanctuary of healing and find solace in the chaos of daily life. Donations to this fund allow us to further Soul Links reach and bring this vision into reality.

We believe that growth knows no bounds. That’s why we’re continuously crafting new and transformative meditation experiences to guide users on their journey toward heightened awareness and expanded consciousness. Donations to this fund will allow for further development of new Soul Link experiences.

In unity, we are constructing a community where the path to transformation remains open to all, and where the radiant essence of Soul Link can illuminate every soul. Donations to this fund play a pivotal role in ensuring that the transformative power of Soul Link is accessible to all individuals, regardless of their financial circumstances.

We believe in the power of compassion and action. In addition to the incredible transformation Soul Link offers, we are committed to making a positive impact around the world. Donations to this fund fuels initiatives that address critical issues, from environmental conservation to humanitarian aid and beyond. Together, we can create a brighter and more harmonious world for all.

Please validate your order as donations are not refundable. If you have submitted an order by mistake or made an error in the amount of your donation, please contact our donor care team immediately so that we can void the order. Donation refunds can only be processed within 24 hours of the donation and must be received by 5pm at your local time zone.

Supernal World Creations has the sole discretion and authority to apply contributions designated for restricted projects to another purpose or project that is consistent with the mission of Supernal World Creations and Soul Link in the event a project is canceled, or the donations received exceed the needs of the project.