The Soul Link Story

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This is our story.

Soul Link™ is the first platform that puts the power of life-changing transcendence in the palm of your hands. This groundbreaking, patent pending meditative tool elevates your state of being. Contrary to traditional meditations, Soul Link uses the science of sound and formulates three pillars of wellness: sound healing musical compilations, immersive earth visuals, and focus-enhancing frequency waves. Enabling you to break down blockages, unlock your peak potential, and achieve long-lasting peace, happiness, and harmony like never before. Where meditation ends, Soul Link begins.

Why was Soul Link created?

Your body is like a musical instrument. Every bone, cell, and tissue in your body can be tuned to a specific frequency to function optimally. Toxins, stress, negative life experiences, and many other factors can pull your cells out of tune. When cells in the body resonate at their optimal vibrational frequency it creates harmony, promoting health, balance, and relaxation. If cells vibrate in disharmony, it creates imbalance leaving the body susceptible to disease. This is explained in mainstream physics which states that resonance shapes reality, therefore Optimal Resonance = Perfect Harmonic Equilibrium.

Meet our Founder, Dr. Dawn Ella, A creative visionary who interprets how to create a lasting legacy uniting sound and science to awaken transcendence.

Dr. Dawn Ella is a Doctor of Complementary, Integrative & Alternative Medicine, Soul Physician, Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Metaphysics and Ordained Minister. The mission of the non-profit Supernal World Creations: Humanitarian Innovations began with the birth of her son Michael. She was divinely guided to supply this child with wisdom, as the brain is programmable. She learned the most influential perceptual programming of the subconscious mind occurs from birth through age six.5 During that time, the child’s brain is recording all sensory experiences as well as learning complex motor programs.5 Simultaneously, the child’s sensory systems are fully engaged, downloading massive amounts of information about the world and how it works.5 Then, 10 years later in 2006, she left this world (the result of a near-death experience) and returned with an undeniable gift for understanding the higher vibrations of the soul. Her memoir, The Energy Tree, The Reflection, documents her experience of this life-changing event and her 13-year recovery. She shares what happens when the soul passes from this life to the afterlife, how this is the truest examination of the meaning of life and the meaning of our beginning. She not only left this world and came back, she also experienced losing the one she loved. Love and death are the great hinges on which all human sympathies turn. What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others, that’s beyond us. At a time when others fear and retreat into isolation, this was her opportunity for transformation and discovery in the meaning of life itself.

Dr. Dawn Ella embraced this opportunity to direct her soul and life towards the fulfillment the creator seeks for all. As an indisputable Divine Teacher and Soul Mentor, Dr. Ella has worked on transforming fragmentations blocking the soul with individuals through her business, The Soul Medic. As a Soul Physician for over a decade, she is eager to share the divine guidance and wisdom brought in with Michael and this experience with the world through her non-profit, Supernal World Creations, established in 2019. The mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities through a humanitarian innovations initiative.

The science behind Soul Link has been researched and created since 1996. This innovative application consists of a patent pending three pillars of wellness: sound healing musical compilations, immersive earth imagery, and focus-enhancing frequency waves to create an audiovisual stimulation. Patent pending in 49 countries. This tool can be used on multiple devices and is valuable for all of humanity, regardless of race, religion, gender or nationality.

With Soul Link, users can break down blockages unlocking your peak potential and achieve long lasting peace, wellness and harmony like never before. Unlock the science of sound to reach the soul.

Soul Link Has 49 Patents Pending Across the Globe!

The Soul Link app is a member of Supernal World Creations.

Supernal World Creations blends modern technology and ancient auditory schemes to reunite the physical world and the supernal world. SWC’s innovative applications consist of Soul Link – a patent pending formulated embodiment created through audio-visual stimulation. Soul Link can be used on multiple devices and is valuable for all of humanity, regardless of race, religion, gender, or nationality. The sole purpose of SWC: Humanitarian Innovations is to establish internal unity for our users. With restorative and therapeutic applications, our tools provide users with a Transcendental Meditative experience – bringing an end to disruptions and blockages of all kinds so you can achieve peace of mind. Learn more and donate now at