Where meditation ends, Soul Link begins.

Our revolutionary combination of audios, visuals, and frequency waves gives you the power to create life-changing meditations – so you can go beyond the ordinary and unlock your extraordinary.

the Soul Link app.
Create meditations meant for you.

Soul Link’s first-of-its kind technology unites sound and science to awaken your greatness. Our unique library of sound healing musical compilations, immersive earth visuals, and focus-enhancing frequency waves empower you to break down blockages and achieve long-lasting peace like never before. Download the app and try it for free today.


Start by choosing one of our unique musical compilations.

These healing sounds are scientifically proven to raise vibrations in the brain and enhance your emotional, mental, and physical performance.


Next, select from our list of immersive earth videos.

Each imagery creates a timeless experience of calming landscapes, cosmic journeys, and cinematic escapes that transport your soul to new sceneries.

Frequency Wave

Finally, pick a frequency wave that suits your needs.

Patterned sounds stimulate the brain and induce specific states of consciousness designed to calm anxiety, reduce stress, and improve cognition.

2023 Muse Creative Awards Gold Winner

2023 NYX Awards Gold Winner

2023 Lit Commercial Awards Gold Winner

2023 Vega Awards Silver Winner

Soul Link’s unique elements combine to make a personal meditation experience that’s paving a new path to wellness.

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The Science

Our patent pending formula uses three pillars of wellness scientifically proven to produce positive changes to our mind, body, heart and soul.

The Story

We’re here to help humanity heal. That’s why we created Soul Link – an experience designed to re-align your wellbeing in a way that was never before possible.

The Benefits

Using our customized elements, users will improve emotions, reduce anxiety, cultivate a healthy mind, and increase their wellbeing.

Comments from our community

My anxiety has held me back in many areas of my life, and I have tried more meditation apps than I can count to try to help with the symptoms. Many apps are centered around audio guided meditation, but the voice is too distracting and I would find it difficult to focus on being in the moment. Meditating is easy with Soul Link’s calming music and gorgeous videos. Soul Link has helped reduce the symptoms I experience with anxiety, decreasing my stress levels, and giving me more confidence to do the things I love without the worrying whether my anxiety will interrupt my day.”

— Tatumn

My schedule at work can be all over the place at times, and especially after overnight shifts, I found it difficult to fall asleep right away even though I would be exhausted. Using Soul Link not only helped me relax to fall asleep faster, I wake up feeling rested without feeling groggy. After incorporating a Soul Link meditation into my daily routine, I’ve also noticed an improvement in my neck and back pain which has helped me accomplish so much more at home and work. ”

— Tim

Before trying Soul Link, I knew I wanted to find something to improve my focus as I was only relying on drinking coffee throughout the day, convincing myself the caffeine boost was helping me concentrate. After my first Soul Link meditation, I experienced a state of focused calm that was far better than the jittery effects of caffeine. Using Soul Link daily has helped me accomplish so much more at work and at home, helping me feel less stressed overall. I’ve even noticed improvements in my sleep! Amazing, you must try it! ”

— Suzanne