Dr. Dawn Ella Has Created the Soul Link Meditation App

Launching Insights! Discover how Soul Link was brought to life in this article from Healthy New Age entitled, “Dr. Dawn Ella Has Created the Soul Link Meditation App”.

As the founder of Non-Profit, Supernal World Creations, and The Soul Medic, Dr. Dawn Ella has always had a mission spanning beyond her personal triumph. After a life altering car accident led to a transformative “awakening journey”, she created Soul Link, a cutting-edge platform that aims to empower individuals on a path of self-discovery and holistic well-being.

Soul Link stands apart by merging music, science, and meditation, providing a unique journey toward personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. Through sound healing, cinematic visuals, and frequency waves, users can unlock their untapped potential and embrace a transformative inner journey. In this exclusive interview, she shares her story, detailing how a fusion of her extensive studies and understanding of science, her personal experiences, and spirituality culminated into a pioneering meditation platform.

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Soul Link is available to download on the App Store, Google Play, and on our Web Version.