Q & A Session with Soul Link Inventor, Dr. Dawn Ella

Welcome to a Special Q&A Session with Dr. Dawn Ella, Inventor of Soul Link!

Ever wondered how a near-death experience could inspire the creation of a groundbreaking meditation app? Dive into our exclusive interview with Dr. Dawn Ella as she shares her remarkable journey and the transformative insights behind Soul Link.

Join us on this enlightening journey as we delve deeper into the genesis of Soul Link and its mission to revolutionize mental health support through innovative meditation practices.

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How did your near-death experience lead you to create Soul Link?

My journey to creating Soul Link began on the other side, in the wake of a life-altering experience. Eighteen years ago, I found myself in a tragic accident, slipping into a coma for three days. During those unconscious moments, I traversed a realm beyond the physical, where profound realizations dawned upon me.

From this near-death encounter, I extracted intricate insights, weaving them into the very fabric of Soul Link’s patent-pending Sound Formula. This unique meditation app stands as a testament to the depths of my revelations. Through careful curation, I’ve harmonized musical compositions, cinematic Earth visuals, and focus-enhancing frequency waves into a singular meditative experience.

Crucially, my near-death episode gifted me with a remarkable perspective: my eyes were open in that ethereal realm. This visual awareness has profoundly influenced Soul Link’s design. With eyes wide open, users embark on a transformative journey, gaining clear insights into their unique paths of healing and self-discovery. By encouraging individuals to open their eyes to their Inner Inside Journey, Soul Link awakens the discovery of their individual missions. It is a profound invitation to explore, learn, and grow, inspired by the clarity I gained during my own extraordinary experience.


Why did you create Soul Link?

I created Soul Link to address the growing need for mental health support. As a Soul Physician, I can only help so many people one on one. I opened Supernal World Creations Non-Profit creating the Soul link meditation app to bring wellness to humanity on a larger scale. By embracing diverse channels, we are dedicated to making the empowering practices of Soul Link accessible to a global audience, fostering holistic well-being and personal growth for everyone, regardless of their circumstance or location.


How is this experience different from other meditation apps?

Soul Link audios are meticulously crafted, integrating various sound healing elements into one cohesive audio experience. Unlike other meditation apps, which focuses on only one aspect, our audios combine Solfeggio Frequencies, Sound Intonation Sequence, Brainwave Entrainment, Binaural Beats, Transcendental Mantra Music, Isochronic Tones, Melody, Tuning, Atmosphere, and Chord Progression in Sacred Geometry. This patent-pending approach combines these scientifically curated elements for enhanced healing effects. Additionally, we offer the option to incorporate focus-enhancing frequency wave combinations, known as Rife Frequencies, into the audio composition. As Edgar Cayce aptly stated, “Sound is the medicine of the future.”•

Soul Link’s videos are uniquely curated to integrate visual healing elements into a single creation, setting them apart from other meditation apps. Our immersive Earth visuals are meticulously crafted from scratch, incorporating formulated visuals, visual imprinting, quantum theory, Sacred Geometry, Epigenetics, Fibonacci sequence, and the golden ratio. This patent-pending approach combines these scientifically curated elements for healing purposes, offering a holistic and transformative experience.


We are in a Mental Health Crisis that leaves major numbers of people feeling lost, alone, isolated, and even depressed. How can Soul Link help ease some of these lost feelings?

Soul Link offers a beacon of hope amidst the prevailing mental health crisis by providing a unique and transformative approach to alleviating feelings of being lost, alone, isolated, and depressed.  Moreover, Soul Link encourages regular practice, empowering individuals to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives. Through consistent use, users can cultivate a sense of inner peace, resilience, and emotional balance. By fostering self-awareness and encouraging a positive mindset, Soul Link becomes a guiding light, offering solace and support to those grappling with the challenges of mental health, ultimately helping them find their way back from the depths of despair.


Describe some of your personal experiences of using the Soul Link App.

As a user of the Soul Link App, my personal experiences have been nothing short of transformative. The moment I delved into the app, I was enveloped in a cocoon of serene melodies, transporting me to a tranquil realm. The carefully curated musical compositions resonated with my soul, creating an instant sense of calm and introspection.

The visual element, inspired by my own near-death experience where my eyes were open, added a unique dimension to my meditation sessions. The Earth visuals, cinematic in their beauty, captivated my senses and provided a grounding presence. With my eyes open, I felt connected not just to the visuals but to the world around me, enhancing my overall meditation experience.

The incorporation of focus-enhancing frequency waves was a revelation. As I immersed myself in the sessions, I felt a subtle shift in my consciousness. It was as if the frequency waves were gently guiding my thoughts, leading me to a state of profound focus and clarity. This aspect of the app proved invaluable, especially during moments of stress or distraction.

Beyond the individual components, what truly set Soul Link apart was its ability to facilitate a deep inner journey. Each session felt like a personal odyssey, guiding me through the labyrinth of my thoughts and emotions. I found myself more in tune with my inner self, exploring facets of my being that had long been buried beneath the surface.

Moreover, the app’s user-friendly interface made my experiences seamless. Navigating through the meditative sessions, adjusting settings, and tracking my progress became intuitive, allowing me to focus entirely on my inner exploration.

In essence, my personal experiences with the Soul Link App have been profound and enriching. It has become not just a tool for meditation but a companion in my journey of self-discovery and inner peace. Each session is a reminder of the app’s ability to bridge the spiritual and the tangible, providing a sanctuary for the soul in the midst of life’s complexities.


Who is the nonprofit, Supernal World Creations, serving, and how are you reaching these people?

The nonprofit serves all of humanity, focusing on humanitarian innovation. We partner with other nonprofits to extend our reach and collaborate on projects that benefit our target demographics. We reach these individuals through outreach programs, community events, and online platforms. We’ve just launched the app, and eagerly anticipate galas and other fundraising opportunities to expand our outreach efforts and make a meaningful impact on the global community


What are your future goals for Soul Link?

In the coming year and beyond, I envision the nonprofit reaching new heights of innovation and impact. We are actively exploring clinical trials to scientifically validate the transformative effects of our platform, aiming to provide evidence-backed support for mental and emotional well-being. Additionally, we are delving into the realm of Virtual Reality (VR) experiences, set to revolutionize mindfulness practices. This immersive technology will offer users an unparalleled, eyes-open meditation journey, fostering deeper connections with themselves and nature. Our mission is to continue pioneering advancements in holistic wellness, making meaningful strides in the realm of mental health and personal transformation.