Soothing the Soul

Unveil the power of self-discovery and wellness in the December issue of Naples Illustrated! It brings us great joy to present the captivating narrative of Dr. Dawn Ella, the visionary proprietress and founder of Supernal World Creations, a philanthropic institution devoted to wellness through Humanitarian Innovations in the charming town of Naples.

Seventeen years hence, following a life-altering Near Death Experience, Dawn emerged with a noble purposeā€”to mend the soul through the art of meditation, culminating in the inception of the revolutionary Soul Link application. Diverging from conventional meditation applications, Soul Link distinguishes itself with its original therapeutic melodies, immersive visual spectacles, and cerebral waves that kindle cognitive vitality, all tailored to one’s distinct proclivities. Immerse yourself in a realm where the symphony of your soul finds harmony, be it amid the tranquil waves of a sunlit beach or the serene expanse of a snow-covered landscape.

Enriching in every aspect, this application, accessible through subscription and a complimentary initiation period, is masterfully crafted to alleviate stress and foster peaceful sleep, irrespective of one’s familiarity with meditation. Accompany us on this transformative sojourn alongside Dr. Dawn Ella, and unfurl the boundless prospects that await the communion with your innermost self. The exploration of your soul beckons with a promise of limitless revelations!

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